About Us


Our mission is to foster a deep connection to and awareness of the natural world, ourselves, and each other.

 Vision Statement

Through teaching and practicing wilderness awareness and primitive living skills, we support others of all ages in awakening their innate ability to thrive in the natural world. Nature connected people see and feel as though they are native to their places. We inspire people to realize the true richness of nature and to build long term relationships with people and the land with a goal of one day living within a nature-centered community full of healthy, joyful people in a healthy ecological picture.

Core Values

•Nature Connection:  We work to spread appreciation and connection to nature, recognizing both the nature within human beings and outside in the natural world.

Future Generations:  We consider the impacts of our decisions in terms of our influence on future generations of people yet to be born, and in that light we shall seek to have beneficial influence in the world.

Peace Making:  We work to facilitate and maintain peaceful relationships within our organization, the student body, and the greater community.

Regenerative Practices:  We seek to not only do no harm to nature but to actively improve ecological health through the work we do, as much as possible.

Community:  We strive to provide opportunities for community involvement on many levels.  We will provide space and support for gatherings and other community activities that support our mission.  We will seek alliances with other organizations that have similar values and work collaboratively to share resources.

Ancestral Knowledge:  We do our best to honor the ancestral history of the land where we offer our programming, in terms of human culture as well as ecological history. We actively seek the lessons and wisdom from sources of ancestral knowledge.

Intact Culture:  We provide dynamic support and structure that allows for the growth of nature-centered culture by emulating and taking inspiration from shared aspects of various societies that have cultural lineages reaching back to pre-industrial lifestyles.

Reverence for The Natural World:  We realize that we are but a small part of the natural system and are as such subject to the greater forces of both the defined world and the mysterious unknown.

Our Story

Programs began in 2010, HNS has grown steadily

Curriculum and Methods

Curriculum: Naturalist Knowledge, Ancestral skills, Homesteading, Tracking & Awareness

Staff Biographies

Meet our core staff and support instructors

Our central location is the Grand Traverse Commons (Building 50) in Traverse City, MI


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