Adult programs

women + fire workshop

July 21st

10 am- 4 pm at the GT Commons

Guest Instructor Lucinda Sohn joins us to lead a skilled and inspired workshop connecting women to the ancient art of fire making! The craft of making fire calls out the ancient Fire-Keeper in all of us. There is an art and finesse to this skill that gives women access to a range of fire-making methods, including bow drill. Gather with us as a circle of women in sacred space held with intention, story and song. Together we will bring our wisdom and power to light as we explore creating spark and coal, harnessing and bringing fire to life.



Adult Wilderness Initiation

Sept-June, One weekend a month

10 am- 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, one weekend a month at the GT Commons and Surrounding Area

You and your classmates will be united on a 10-month journey to build skills and deepen your connection to nature, your community and yes, even yourself.  From the basics of how to carve safely and ID plants and animals to a full on deep dive into the primitive wilderness survival situations that expand your awareness and abilities, this course is designed to meet you where you are at and help you take the next great leaps forward on your journey.  Whether you just graduated high school or are enjoying retirement, each individual benefits from a strengthened connection to nature, community, and self.  Our core staff is working together to provide this course to the community and as such, we know we are just the facilitators of this journey.  Your hands-on, in-depth experiences in nature and in the community will provide you with the greatest teachings of all.