Art of Mentoring

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July 6th- July 11th in Traverse City, Mi.


Is it for

 Families, Professionals, Environmentalists, Teachers, Artists, Visionaries, Mentors, Naturalist and all Humans who are seeking tools and experiences to deepen their personal connection to nature, community and self and develop the skills to help others to do so as well.   All ages welcome!


is art of mentoring

It’s a week-long, onsite, experiential  learning journey.   While here, you enjoy nourishing foods, a mentoring community,  and a safe and natural setting. 


Is it

Just 15 min south of Traverse City, Mi, this years program is hosted at the Greilick Outdoor Recreation and Education Center, nestled into the woodlands,  wetlands and lake sides of the unceded Anishinaabe territory we now know as Northern Michigan.

Art of mentoring Program Tracks

All programs run concurrently, with families coming together for meal times, break times and in the evenings.   All participants arrive 12 pm on July 6th and Depart by 11 am on July 11th.   Facilities include  campsites for participants, a  beautiful lodge & dining hall and clean and private bathrooms with hot showers.   Weather providing, the majority of workshops will be held outside.  

Parent & Child

Ages 0-3 + parent

Max: 8 

First off, huge gratitude to the parents and caregivers of our youngest humans!  We want to support you and your little ones during this week.  This program is for parent + child and follows the natural flow and needs of the group and provides space to connect with and learn from others and provides tools and teachings to inspire and support your role as a parent. 


nature adventure 

Ages 4-12 

Max: 28 (split into 3 groups)

This program is available for folks registered in the Adult program track who want bring their kiddos! After you enjoy waking up to the birds and a nice hot breakfast with your family, you can walk your child over to the youth program area and sign them in for the mornings adventure!  While you are learning tools and teachings for mentoring and nature connection, your child will be out doing just that with experienced mentors.  Join together at lunch to hear their stories and then they’ll be back out for an afternoon of games, hikes and nature exploration while you’re able to fully present in the adult program. 


wilderness camp

ages 13-17

Max: 12

This program is available for folks registered in the Adult program track who want to include their teens and offer them a cool opportunity of their own.  Experienced mentors guide the teens through an outback multi-day camping experience.  On the first night we all arrive, our main event will be hearing from the teens and bidding them farewell on a 3 day back-country camping adventure at the far reaches of the GoRec property.  They’ll spend their days and nights with skilled and experienced mentors practicing on their own adventure.  They will be missed during this time back at camp and when they finally return, they’ll return a bit changed.   We will welcome them back, hear their stories and enjoy our remaining time, together. 

Adults- Mentoring and nature connection

Ages 18-99+

Max: 56


  • Learn models for creating effective educational experiences based on the cycles of nature
  • Practice games, activities, and songs which draw people, young and old, into nature
  • Explore how storytelling can be used in nature connection and draw out your own stories for mentoring youth and inspiring and teaching others!


  • Profile the path of development and transformation of people as they travel toward greater awareness and appreciation of the natural world.
  • Discuss the pitfalls and walls that mentors face in working towards a greater connection between individuals, community, and nature.
  • Create safe environments for students to grow, experiment, and make mistakes.

Connect with Community and Nature

  • Immerse yourself in core routines designed to increase the awareness of yourself and your students.
  • Enjoy a learning community of people dedicated to connecting with, teaching about, and honoring the earth.


Spend 5 nights breathing the fresh air and waking to the sound of the birds.

As our students would say, “Time to get nature-ified!” 

Tent Camping

Tent camping is  highly encouraged for participants, even those who are new to camping!  Group sites include fire pits, and picnic tables and the indoor bathrooms and shower facilities are near by. 


Cabins are available on a limited basis.  You can indicate a need or preference for a cabin during the registration process.  

TRee tents

Want to take your camping to all new heights?  Tree Tents are available upon request!  

Tuition Assistance

We seek to make our programs available and inviting for all.     We are working to provide discounts for the following folks.   Specifics will be available on or before March 1st.   


 We acknowledge that we are operating within an unjust economic system and many are not properly reciprocated for their hard work and contributions.  So we are seeking to contribute to you and provide financial assistance to those who’s finances are a barrier to attending this training. 


We seek to offer extra support to those who provide so much to others such as teachers, mentors, leaders, elders, families and many more.  If you are seeking this training to build your capacity to give to others, let us know, we want to support you! 


We acknowledge that in America, we are not all given equal opportunity.   For us, Equity means acknowledging the damage that has been done and the inequality that exists and making strides towards giving back to those who have had so much taken and stolen.  

We hope to see you there!

60 adults  +44 youth + 36 Staff =

Our week long Art of mentoring community 

Meet your Keynote presenters and Staff Community:

Jon Young

Since 1983, Jon has been mentoring folks in the nearly lost art of understanding bird and animal language. Just as science is beginning to see the credibility in this ancient skill, Jon has been leading communities world-wide to get these skills back through lectures, workshops, media—but mostly through training and mentoring.

kathleen Lockyer

Kathleen has been a Licensed and Board Certified Occupational Therapist for 20 years. She has advanced training in several areas including Sensory Processing Disorders and Therapeutic Listening.  Kathleen has dedicated her life to creating programs and trainings to facilitate child development by using routines of Sensory Processing and Integration in the natural world. Kathleen is a self proclaimed “fierce protector of children and childhood”. 

Staff Community

A community of 30+ experienced  staff and volunteers from Human Nature School, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, Title Track, the Nature Connection Network, and the 8 Shields Institute, come together to provide high quality youth, teen and adult program tracks!  


“I’m excited to have a local, nature connection focused, community experience.  I am going to extend the invitation to my grandchildren – 6, 15, and 18 years old.”

-Mary Jo, Interlochen Elder

“I am looking forward to growing as an educator through the Art of Mentoring.  Each time I attend an Art of Mentoring, I experience new growth professionally and personally.  I am especially excited to bring my 2 young boys to see the teenagers go off on their journey and be welcomed back by the community.”

Chelsea, Leelanau County Professional

“[Art of Mentoring] sounds like something I would gladly do with my husband and 2 kids.  If I were planning a vacation with my family, paying for food, lodging and entertainment for 5 1/2 days we would spend this much or more.  The difference is that we would get to grow together and learn how to take even better care of each other while not having to plan any of it.  How do we register?”
– Ivy, K-8 Educator