Summer Camp

                All camps are Monday – Friday , from 9 am – 3 pm at the Grand Traverse Commons. $225 per week.

Registration for 2020 opens feb 1st

nature adventure

Ages 4-8

hands on experience

…with plants, trees, mammals, tracking, birds and wilderness skills all while playing, exploring and following their own passions! Instructors work with the kids and the natural world to foster healthy and empowering relationships between nature, community and self.

4 Weeks to Choose From:

  • June 22nd-26th
  • July 20th -24th
  • August 3rd- 7th
  • August 17th-21st

Wilderness Survival

Ages 8-13

Wild Foods, Natural Shelter,

…Knife and Fire Safety, Group Survival. Campers have lots of immersive fun with our place-based and hands-on learning style. We delve into each topic throughout the week and create our own village by the end, learning to meet all needs of survival while working together.

  • July 13th-17th

survival skills + the art of invisibility

Ages 8-13

Survival Skills taken Next Level

…with Natural Camouflage, Tracking, Trailing and Bird Language. Fun, Immersive, Experiential, Place-Based Learning. Whether a brand new or seasoned camper, this camp will take us all deeper into our skills, awareness, and potential!

  • July 27th-31st

Survival Skills of the Hunter-Gatherer

Ages 8-13

Fun, Immersive, Experiential

…Place-Based Learning. Tracking, Trailing, Trapping, Bows and Arrows, Atlatls, Digging Sticks, Gathering Baskets. We will learn from the methods of our ancient ancestors as we sharpen our own skills and potential.

  • August 10th – 14th