Evenings Classes

Old Skills for New Times 

Base Cost:  $30 (*Applicable Material Fee).  Times: Thursdays from 5:30-8:30.  Reg. Deadline: 1 week prior to class



Medicinal Trees, 3/10/16 – REGISTER HERE!

During this three hour workshop, participants learn from seasoned herbalist, Sierra Bigham of Bear Earth Herbals, about the medicinal aspects of our local trees. There will be hands on work in which we gather tree materials and learn to make some natural remedies.

Class Location -meet at the Human Nature School Office in Building 50.


Blacksmithing Project, Friday, 3/25/16 (*$50 class includes $20 material fee) – REGISTER HERE!  

Get your hands dirty banging on red hot metal with Sue Green and Dan Nickels at Black Rock Forge.  You will work on a special project specifically designed for a 3-5 hour workshop.  In 2013 we made and took home dinner bells.  What will Sue and Dan come up with this year?  Space is limited.  Novices Welcome. Register soon!

Class location – Black Rock Forge, 5530 Supply Rd, Traverse City


Parents – Tools for Safe Outdoor Discovery with your Children, 3/31/16 – REGISTER HERE!  

In the age of electronics, it is increasingly tricky to get the kids outside.  And when they do get out, it is usually for a sport or time at the park. What happened to the good old days when wild bands of children ruled their neighborhoods building forts, having adventures and staying out until the sun goes down or supper is ready?  In this session we will delve into hazards to be aware of when you are out with your kids and break through common fears into a relationship of understanding.  We will discuss risk vs. reward and you will learn some great routines of nature connection to do with your kids.


Celestial Navigation, 4/14/16, 7-10 pm REGISTER HERE!  

Does the sun always rise directly in the east? Why is the moon in the sky sometimes but not other times? Just how do the stars change their positions in the sky as the night or the seasons progress? We will answer these questions and more as you come to understand these celestial cycles that can then be used to help you find your way. If the weather cooperates, we will step outside to study the night sky. Class materials will be given to you at the class.
Class Location -meet at the Human Nature School Office in Building 50.


Hugelkulture on the TART , 4/28/16 – REGISTER HERE!

Join local permaculturalist, Stuart Campbell of Perennial Harvest in learning the ins and outs of Hugelculture.  By taking this course, you will learn how to turn your yard waste (down trees and limbs) into an effective and productive gardening tool. Using native plants and permaculture principles, you will build a skill set that will save you lots of time, money and resources in your garden.  Located at the Edible Trails Project flagship at the DeYoung Natural Area, you will also be helping further expand the region’s first public food forest.


Shiitake, Oyster and Lion’s Maine OH MY!  Intro to mushroom logs, 5/12/16 ($5 material fee)  Cancelled – 

This class will begin with a tutorial on mushroom growing and mushroom strains from mycologist, Brian Rogers of Mushroom CSA.  Brian will give a breakdown of the technique used to inoculate logs with sawdust spawn.  You will then have the choice to plug logs with Shiitake, Oyster and/or Lion’s Mane spawn.  The class fee includes 1 inoculated log per student, and additional logs will be available for $5/each.  

Planting for Pollinators, 5/26/16 ($10 material fee) -Cancelled – 

Wildlife Habitation for the Farm Workshop – how to plant for pollinators, how to go on your farm and see what’s already growing, see the beneficials, what you are attracting and then discuss WHAT to plant to attract the wildlife that the farm needs to thrive.  Participants will get hands on time planting for pollinators, and may even get to take some plants home for their developing pollinator gardens.