We will be taking pause from our adult program in preparation to open our new program site in 2019/2020

Our Adult Program will reopen with brand new offerings and opportunities in 2020/2021!


1 weekend each month from 10 am- 4 pm unless it’s an overnight.  Dedicating 3-5 hours each week to take home assignments will greatly enhance your experience. 

Sept 29th and 30th: Hazards and Awareness, Core routines of Nature Connection, Intro to Wild Edibles. Intro to Carving, Intro to fire and fire by friction.

Oct 20th and 21st: Field trip to the lakeshore- Tracking the Landscape and Wayfinding + Intro to Tracking Mammals.

Nov 17th-18th: Wilderness Shelter Overnight Challenge

Dec 15th and Dec 16th: Fire and Carving Cont. Cattail Weaving, Nettle and Basswood Cordage, Bushcraft.

Jan 19th and 20th: Inner Tracking and Cultural Mentoring

February 16th and 17th: Working with raw hides, making rattles and drums.

March 16th and 17th: Winter Tree bud I.D, Wilderness Survival, Late Winter Tracking

April 20th and 21st: Birds, Bird Language, Intro to Scouting the Art of invisibility

May 18th and 19th: Edible/Medicinal Plants, plus salves and tinctures.

June 8th-10th: 3-day scout camp finale!

Registration Deadline: Sept 25th

Program Start Date: Sept 29th

Teaching Teams TBA, drawn from HNS Core Staff and Regional experts.
*Class topics may shift
*Must be able to commit for the full 10 months
*Tuition is $1400 for the whole 10 months, Monthly payment plans available.