It’s Whole Site Regenerative

Design Time

Review updates, Fill out survey and  Join us June 29th-30th and July 6th

Welcome FRIENDS!

As many of you know, HNS has recently received a $10,000 “Seed Grant” from the Rotary for the purpose of completing a Whole Site Regenerative Design Plan at  the sweet land we are  already so connected to and apart of.  This plan will work to clarify and unite our collaborative visions and purposes in the form of specific, palpable site plans.  The work we do together now will become the foundation that we can work and grow from for years to come.  It will not only help us in gaining clarity and unity within our own organization and community but it will also help us to share our vision with others, expanding our friendships and alliances while broadening our community.  We would be incredibly grateful and honored if you  joined us in bringing your brightest visions and hopes into this planning process! 

Lets Get Started!   Step One: Review Content

Meet our design team!

 We look forward to welcoming Casey from 7th generation design.  Casey and his design partner Wes are already working behind the scenes to help us make the most of our on-site design time as we work toward a   Level 2 Whole Site Design Plan  for the land! This summer, Casey  will  make the journey here to meet our people and place, diving deeper and helping us create a plan that can guide our vision well into the future!  We are also very excited that John Michael  will be making the journey out as well  to help guide and infuse our process with so much goodness and inspiration and depth!  And let’s not forget you;  thank you for adding your voice and vision  to our process and being a part of the design team!


Review Site Plan

Our current site plan is the product of years of visioning and re-visioning and then re-visioning again, around tables, around  fires and at times, while jumping  on the trampoline.   After all that time, effort and dedication, we know we are really just at the beginning! This site plan  is a good starting point and way to connect into the process so far.  

review 200 year plan

The work we do now, reaches far into the future, whether we realize it or not.  This plan is our effort to both realize it, embrace it and empower our connection to the time that is happening in the future.  Although our plan will certainly adapt and evolve, this plan encourages us to think bigger, broader and feel into our connections to the future, both near and far.   The seeds we plant now become the shade for those who come after.   

Step three: RSVP to join our on-site planning sessions 

Thank You!

We are grateful to work as a part of something bigger than ourselves, with such wonderful people, toward a vision for healing, regeneration and connection.  Let’s do this!