Celebrating 11 years of nature connection programing!

Our deep gratitude goes out to the many families, students and community members who have supported us over these last 11 years.  With your support we can continue to expand and deepen our capacity to support nature, community and self for generations to come. 

 2021 Giving Guide

  1. General Fund

    For those who are able, please consider giving generously.
    $0.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  2. Scholarship Fund

    It's never been more important to keep nature connection programs available to all.
    $0.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal

looking ahead to our 3-5 year capacity building goals

  1. Workshop

    Whether it's tanning hides, boiling maple syrup, blacksmithing or woodworking, no farm is complete without a workshop.
    $0.00 donated
  2. Warming Hut

    This simple, beautiful and natural structure provides a lovely sheltered space, gathered round a fire, while folks can still enjoy the open air, bird songs and connection to the outdoors
    $0.00 donated
  3. Lodge

    This simple, natural, beautiful and sturdy lodge will provide indoor gathering and learning space for all seasons. The commercial kitchen and indoor bathrooms will provide the resources and respite needed to support overnight and in-depth programs for all ages, year round, for years to come.
    $100.00 donated
  4. Public Access

    Help us improve road access to meet commercial standards, ensuring a wide variety of program offerings can serve the needs of our community.
    $100.00 donated


Human Nature School is celebrating its 11th year of Nature Connection Programs!  What began with 2 staff and 11 kids in 2010 has grown steadily and mindfully since. With a 40 member volunteer and staff community and year round base of over 300 students, ages 4 and up, we are deeply grateful!  Throughout this time, children and adults alike have deepened their connections with the natural world as they built lasting skills, memories and relationships.  As we all know, the deeper the connection in any relationship, including that with the earth, the more we tend to care for it. After 11 years of growth and development, we can’t wait to take our next steps into 2022.

In 2018 HNS was blessed with a 143 acre land parcel in Leelanau County to care for as our own.  Seasonal forests, rolling meadows, cedar creeks, and abundant wetlands converge on this wondrous property.  A Seed Grant from Rotary Charities allowed us to hire specialized consultants to work with our staff, volunteers and families to develop a “Whole Site Regenerative Design” plan for the property. Regenerative design principals guide us toward healing and restoring habitats and ecosystems  while also benefitting humans.  The shift from conventional, extractive farming and caretaking practices toward regenerative is  and healing caretaking practices is needed to protect the earth for current and future generations for both humans and all life on earth.   

Our Regenerative Agriculture hub will consist of a timber frame barn, workshop space, gardens and a tree nursery. Our Educational hub will  be supported by a simple Lodge with easy access and trail systems throughout our 143 acre site.  All structures will be naturally built and utilize off grid renewable energy resources.   The time to work together toward a joyful, resilient and regenerative future is right now.  We are eager to do our part!



Take a Sneak Peak at our site plans, visions and goals!

Summary:  Human Nature School has been offering Nature Connection Programs in the Traverse City area for the past decade. We serve over 300 youth, adults and teens annually with our year-round, in-depth programming. In 2018, Human Nature School was gifted 143 acres to become a home base for our operations. In addition to our nature connection programming, we now have the ability to step forward as caretakers and stewards of our place. We will be implementing our Whole Site Regenerative Design plan for the entire property and tending it toward health and biodiversity.  Energy systems will remain off grid and be designed for renewable energy systems. Structures will utilize natural building techniques and sustainably sourced materials.   Each step we take as we build and grow is an opportunity for both learning and sharing how we can all live in better relationship with the natural world, ourselves and each other.  

With Community wide Educational Programming, Regenerative Design Practices and Natural Building Technologies at the heart of our work, we envision ourselves serving as a bright and resilient resource for our community as  whole.   As our climate, culture, and economic systems continue to experience changes, we envision offering hopeful possibilities along with the practical skills and knowledge required to support each other and the earth  during these times of change.

Our mission is to foster deep connections to nature, community and self and this mission is at the heart of everything we do. By restoring and healing these connections and relationships, we are also restoring and healing ourselves, our place and our communities. And we can do so joyfully and with a sense of purpose, community and connection.  GET INVOLVED to help us make these visions visions real!  


Thank you for your gift!