Steve Arnst

Adult and Teen Program Instructor

Steve has lived close to the natural world throughout his life, and some of his earliest memories include hiking, canoeing, hunting, and fishing throughout much of Michigan. His childhood in suburban Detroit was spent exploring local lakes and forests to see what they had to offer, as well as spending time with friends and family in other parts of  Michigan, the Southern and Western US, and parts of Canada. Wherever life took him as a child, he was always looking for ways to immerse himself in the great outdoors.

As an adult, he was drawn back to spend extensive time exploring the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, and he continued his exploration of the world by spending extended time in Fuji, New Zealand, and Australia. Steve is always trying to add to his understanding of how others live and view the world, and how they connect with the flora and fauna around them.

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Environmental Science, and deepened his studies by attending extended wilderness survival courses at Wilderness Awareness School and Art of Mentoring at 8-Shields Institute. He has led individuals and groups of children and adults on day or extended backpacking, canoeing, and wilderness survival trips. His primary passion is fostering people to connect deeply to the natural world, to themselves and to each other. He enjoys guiding and encouraging people to step powerfully into their lives with purpose and passion.

He also enjoys woodworking, traveling, backpacking, natural photography and sitting around a fire engaged in deep philosophical conversation.

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