Chelsea Nester

Development Director & Lead Instructor

Chelsea is a forest-rooted, tree-climbing, powerhouse human being. She is also a mother of two vibrant young boys– who, together with her husband– live alongside a herd of Tibetan Yak, up in the countryside of Leelanau county. She has a degree from Central Michigan University in Outdoor Education. Chelsea is a force of nature– and has been working with the Human Nature School since 2011. Before this chapter of her life began, she traveled extensively as a community organizer, learning about earth-connection practices from peoples’ experiences across this country, and around the world: from farmers of the great plains, to the Inuit peoples of the arctic. These relationships greatly influenced her decision to engage a path that was uniquely her own; eventually returning her to Northern Michigan, where she now serves the rich land and community that she holds so dear.

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