our core values

It’s not always about where we go but how we get there.  At HNS, the journey is oftentimes the destination.

our core values

our core values


Deep Nature Connection

We find primary importance in helping to awaken greater awareness and appreciation for nature within our community. This includes both the nature that exists all around us, as well as that which lives deep within. We believe that this connection is an essential element of the human journey.


Holistic Human Development

In the context of the wilderness, our highest human potential becomes available to us like nowhere else within the world. It is in this most original setting that we, as mentors and teachers, are able achieve our most essential purpose: facilitating the development of Whole Human Beings.


Cultural Regeneration

Our work naturally provides a dynamic support and structure for the restoration of vibrant, nature-centered culture. We emulate and utilize the common threads of wisdom that weave between a number of deep-rooted, indigenous societies whose lineages still carry the necessary ingredients for living in harmony with the earth and all of life.



We actively work to cultivate peaceful relationships throughout our entire web of connection: beginning with ourselves, our organization, and the student body; extending from there out into our greater community. We believe in a more peaceful future for our species and this planet, and are grateful for all the tools and teachings we have been given to help make it so.


Hands-on Stewardship

We seek to improve ecological well-being through our work, and so too, with the way that we live our lives. Humans, with our hands and hearts, have the ability to bring balance and abundance to the entire natural world in profound and immediate ways–restoring this flowering earth to a pristine state of well-being.


Community Empowerment

We love to create opportunities that amplify harmonious connection and empowerment within the many levels of our community: holding gatherings and offering activities that bring people together upon common ground. We seek alliances with other organizations that have similar values, and enjoy working collaboratively to achieve our shared goals.


Ancestral Knowledge

We honor the living ancestral story upon this planet: that of both the myriad human cultures, as well as the brilliant ecological patterns that have been unfolding since time immemorial.  In seeking the stories and songs of the ancients, and learning of the old ways, we gain so much– including an amazing perspective of who we are, and where we have come from… and so, a clearer vision of where we are going.


Future Generations

We consider the impacts of our decisions upon all future generations– our collective grandchildren, yet to be born.  In this way, all of our actions, thoughts and words are measured beyond the timespan of our own lives. We are actively “planting trees under whose shade we know we shall never sit”.


Reverence for All Life

We walk in awe of this great mystery that is life.  Each day is an unknown wonder, enriched by the multitude of different beings with whom we share this gift.  Our practices bring conscious awareness and connection to the bigness of it all, and help us to truly appreciate and honor each and every one within the whole.

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