nature connection programs for ages 4 +

Learn the knowledge of the Naturalist, the skills of the Survivalist, and the attitude of the Caretaker.  By weaving simple, nature-based practices into our daily lives, we can develop powerful connections to nature, ourselves, and each other.



HNS is an all ages  community of Nature Connection Mentors, Elders, Youth, Adults, Volunteers, and Visionaries.



HNS is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to foster a deep connection to nature, community and self.  



We are located in Odawa homelands, abundant with beautiful seasonal forest, lakes and rivers, near Traverse City, Mi.


  • July Summer Camps Are Cancelled
  • August Summer Camps are under consideration
  • Fall Home School Programs have been adapted and are now open for registration.
  • Fall Forest Kindergarten Programs have been cancelled.


Our Mission is to: foster deep connections to nature, community and self.  A key aspect of doing this mission well, is also identifying, working with and healing through those many things that are  causing disconnection. Disconnection within ourselves, disconnection from nature and disconnection within our communities. That is why continuing to grow our capacity to support equity and anti-racism work is so important to our mission.     Those who are in the BIPOC community and/or have experience with equity work are invited to share your input or get involved!  Big thanks to the leadership of the Nature Connection Network and Title Track, in helping us with this work thus far.  And I’d also like to take this space to acknowledge that the very heart of the nature connection movement as I know it, a movement HNS has been largely mentored by, supported by, and inspired by are those who still remember their connection to nature, community and self; the original, native peoples of this place we now call America.  I hope one day, we can learn how to honor and reciprocate the many gifts this has brought our community, in way that matches our hearts.  

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upcoming programs & Events

Art of mentoring

all ages

Rescheduled for summer 2021

Forest Kindergarten

Ages 4-6

We plan to reopen in the spring 

Youth Home-school

ages 6-13

Fall registration is now Full  



Ages 4-13

June & July Cancelled, August is wait and see…

foster deep nature connection

come explore with us

Students enjoy experiential learning woven with compelling stories, songs, and hands-on activities.

Students delve deeply into all aspects of the Human Nature School curriculum, which works naturally to develop each student’s common sense, teamwork, communication, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, “response-ability,” peacemaking, and gratitude.

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“It felt so great to realize that the instructors really know my kids, who they are and what their gifts are…”


Job Postings and Volunteer Opportunities.

We are always looking for passionate, high-integrity people to join our effort. By working or volunteering at the Human Nature School, individuals are given an amazing opportunity to bring forth their gifts and skill-sets to be shared within the context of this powerful work.



Donations go to the Human Nature School Scholarship Fund, and make our programming more financially available to many young, yet-to-be-discovered leaders, healers, teachers, naturalists, explorers, and stewards of the earth!

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