nature connection programs for ages 4 +

Learn the knowledge of the Naturalist, the skills of the Survivalist, and the attitude of the Caretaker.  By weaving simple, nature-based practices into our daily lives, we can develop powerful connections to nature, ourselves, and each other.
Nestled within Anishinaabe Territory in Northern Michigan, near Traverse City.  Abundant with lakes, rivers,  forest, sand dunes, and vibrant expressions of each season, we are grateful to live, learn, explore and get to know this incredible land and all its many life forms and communities.
A community of staff, students, volunteers, & nature lovers of diverse ages, belief systems, economic statuses and backgrounds,  brought together by the HNS Mission:  To build stronger connections to Nature, Community and Self.
Year-round, nature connection programs for all ages,  have been at the heart of our work for the last decade.   In addition to a continuation of program offerings, we are now expanding to include Regenerative Agriculture as key aspect of bringing our mission and vision into action.

HOW can you GET Involved?

“It felt so great to realize that the instructors really know my kids, who they are and what their gifts are…”

Job Openings

We are always looking for passionate, high-integrity people to join our effort. By working at the Human Nature School, individuals are given an amazing opportunity to bring forth their gifts and skill-sets to be shared within the context of this powerful work.


Volunteer Opportunities

Human Nature School has many opportunities for people to support with their effort, skills, and life experiences.  Please reach out to find out how.



Donations go to the Human Nature School Scholarship Fund, and make our programming more financially available to many young, yet-to-be-discovered leaders, healers, teachers, naturalists, explorers, and stewards of the earth!

let the adventure begin...