Holistic nature education programs for homeschoolers and unschoolers ages 6-13.


Students delve deeply into all aspects of the Human Nature School curriculum.

Core Values

Working naturally to develop each student’s common sense, teamwork, communication, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, “response-ability,” peacemaking, and gratitude.

learning style

Students enjoy experiential learning woven with compelling stories, songs, and hands-on activities.


We custom tailor each day to meet the needs of the individuals in our classes, while always taking advantage of what the natural world is offering in the present moment. Each session is seasonally oriented and has a unique focus. Classes are outside unless weather conditions are too extreme.  We maintain a student to teacher ratio of 6 to 1 allowing us to connect one-on-one with every student every day.

In an effort to adapt to covid, we are reducing class sizes to 18 students per day

(and will aim for 2 groups of 9 each day)


Tuesdays 9-3 at the GT Commons, 8 weeks Sept 8th- Oct 27th  FULL

Thursdays 9-3 at the GT Commons, 8 weeks Sept 10th-Oct 29th, $300 -Full

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