Welcome Rotary!

 You are invited to Journey into our design process…


  • Survey Results from 40 participants
  • Onsite Design Weekend with 25 Participants. View Notes!
  • Drone Mapping
  • Core Team (Matt miller, Kriya Miller, John Michael Mussleman and 7th generation design) syncing up Trello, Google drive, Google Earth, GPS Mapping/Tagging.  Laid foundational systems of mapping and communication that can grow into the future. 
  • DEQ site visit in preparation for wetlands and creek restoration planning. View Notes!


  • Presentation and Community Feedback at Solon Township Hall with 35 participants. View Notes!
  • Hosted a meet and greet with 12 neighbors, established deeper understandings and avenues for future communications. 
  • Core Team worked to integrate community and land inputs into cohesive planning components.
  • Hosted a site visit with Kama Ross Forestry Specialist.  View Notes!
  • Completed farm registration with USDA and hosted a site visit with their stewardship partner, Liana May.  View Notes!

August and Beyond

  • 7th generation design worked in coordination with the core team to process all inputs and synthesis the design plan report.
  • View Site Plan (coming soon)
  • View Seed Grant Spending Report (coming soon) 
  • View Next Steps  (coming soon)

Thank You!

We are grateful to work as a part of something bigger than ourselves, with such wonderful people, toward a vision for healing, regeneration and connection.  Let’s do this!