human nature school


Local Organizations


SEEDS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established to foster local solutions to global issues. Bringing a holistic perspective, and making connections between ecology and social justice.


Our local natural foods market and community cooperative, since 1973. Located at 260 East 10th St., Traverse City, MI.  


Meeting at the crossroads of ecology and social justice, the Bioneers are engaged citizens from all walks of life who focus on solving our most urgent problems within a framework of interdependence: It is all connected. Taking care of nature means taking care of people – and taking care of people means taking care of nature. Bioneers take a “solve-the-whole-problem” approach that is holistic, systemic and multidisciplinary.

Global Organizations

Wilderness Awareness School

Our vision is to reach out with our teachings until there is a nature awareness school in every region, a mentor in every neighborhood, a naturalist in every family, and compassion for each other and the earth in every heart.

Eight Shields Institute

At the Eight Shields Institute we utilize a finely tuned, tried and true mentoring model that has proven to create healthy and vibrant natural leaders and nature-based communities around the world. Jon Young, and the Eight Shields Institute founders, have utilized the 8 Shields Mentoring Model to inspire and train leaders in hundreds of communities worldwide. For over 30 years the 8 Shields Mentoring Model has been applied, cultivated and honed. It represents the wisdom and teachings of beloved elders and cultures from around the world, who demonstrate ancient patterns for connecting deeply with the earth and all of life.