John Michael Musselman

Organizational Leader, Co-Founder, Guest Instructor

John Michael was born and raised along the muddy waters of the Ohio River, in the undulating beauty of Kentucky’s hills and hollers. His youth was woven together by horses, frogs and fireflies~ thunder and lightning. He also spent many seasons in Leelanau County~ learning and growing with his grandparents, alongside the Great Lake Michigan. It is in these beautiful lands that he established his deep-rooted love for Life. As a young man, he began to forge his own true path: discovering a greater sense of meaning and purpose through intense wilderness immersion and deep nature connection; building skills and acquiring ancient knowledge passed down from the ancestors. It is in this way that he continues to uncover his great passion and ability for helping people to remember and realize their highest potential as human beings.

John Michael has been a leader and visionary for HNS from the beginning, using the wisdom gained through his journeys to help guide and advise HNS’s continued evolution. He cherishes every moment spent amidst his nature school family and community…. especially when circled around the fire, or playing games in the forest!

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